Standards of Practice

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As per section 133 of the HPA, the ACAO is responsible for the development, establishment and maintenance of standards for the practice of opticianry in Alberta to assure the quality of practice of the profession. Opticians are expected to know, understand and comply with these standards.

As per the HPA, some of the activities opticians do in their everyday practice include;

  • Design, supply, prepare, adjust and dispense optical appliances and prostheses, including corrective lenses based on an optical prescription
  • Promote eye health and the correct use of optical appliances
  • Perform refractions and identify the need for corrective lenses
  • Conduct assessments and make referrals where appropriate

Standards are the minimum requirements for the profession and are designed to;

  • Provide guidance and performance expectations for how opticians will conduct themselves in their practice
  • Act as a reference for the public and the profession for the expectation of quality of care
  • Act as a reference to benchmark opticians conduct during the review of professional conduct issues

The Standards of Practice for Opticians in Alberta has been updated as of December 2020.