Missed Deadline


You’ve missed the registration deadline, accrued a 10% late fee, and are about to be suspended…

Alberta’s mandatory registration of regulated health professionals means that we need to take registration deadlines very seriously. You worked hard to earn your title and gain the ability to work in your profession, and we protect that right by ensuring that registration is completed on time.

We offer prizes as an incentive to register early, and unfortunately, we also sometimes have to penalize those who fail to register. There may be many valid reasons you may have not been able to meet the registration deadline. We urge you to contact us as soon as you can before the deadline, so that we can try to work with you to find a solution, rather than letting your registration lapse.





The deed is done, and you have been automatically suspended. Now what?

On January 1st, our computer system automatically updates all unpaid accounts as “Suspended”. This action is legally required for all outstanding accounts, regardless of your reason for not registering. In order to regain your status as a Registered Optician or Registered Contact Lens Practitioner, you must reapply with the College and pay an additional fee.



Additional Fees


You must pay the regular registration fee, plus the reinstatement fee. That’s twice as much…

The reinstatement fee is equal to the annual eyeglass registration fee, and you need to pay it in addition to your regular fee. This fee is steep! It is meant to deter you from letting your registration lapse, because, as mentioned above, Alberta health professionals legally must register with their colleges.





If you can’t meet the registration deadline, consider temporarily registering as non-practicing…

If you know that you will not be working in the field for a while, a better alternative to letting your registration lapse is to register as non-practicing. The fees are less, and because you must keep up with your Continuing Education, we can be sure that when you return, you will still be competent. If you decide to return part way through the year, we prorate registration fees quarterly. Remember that you cannot work as an optician when you’re registered as non-practicing; however, it is still a better option to take on this status temporarily, and avoid a reinstatement fee.



Contact Us


Don’t panic. You can call or e-mail your questions or concerns, and we will try to help you…

You can contact the College office and we will help you.

E-Mail: general@acao.ca

Phone: 1-780-429-2694

Visit our Contact Us page for a complete list of contact information.