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Our new online application form for posting an employment ad makes your job easier than ever. Simply fill out the required fields and submit! The billing information you provide will be sent for invoicing, but will not appear in your ad.

After your payment has been received, we will post your ad on our website. If you would like to pay by credit card please email or call the office at  780-429-2694 to process your payment. All employment listings will be active for 2 months, unless an earlier removal date is requested. They will be shared on our social media pages, and will appear in the Eight Line Newsletter.

Price: $52.50

Please allow for up to three business days for ads to be posted after payment receipt.


Employment Ad Submission Form

To post an employment listing, please fill out this form. All ads will be posted for two months on the ACAO website. Your ad will also go into the Classified section of the next Newsletter free of charge. Our Ad hosting fee is $52.50 (GST Included). Please note: your ad will be posted after your payment has been received.

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    Prospective employees would like to know who they will be working for. All of the information in this section will be put in the ad, so if you would prefer not to be contacted through a certain medium (phone, e-mail, fax...), please leave those fields blank.

    Remember: The more options you make available, the more opportunities you have to receive inquiries.