Lifelong LearningA New Way to LearnHow it Works

Lifelong Learning

ACAO’s members are committed to meeting a high standard of competency in their professional practice. One of the ways members stay current in their field is adhering to a quality assurance program to guide their continuing education activities.

Opticians in Alberta are committed to life-long learning. Although they first learn through a combination of classroom and practice hours, once an optician is licensed, they are required to meet their continuing education requirements every 3 years. 

A New Way to Learn

To make this program even better, the ACAO has recently changed how opticians can meet their continuing education goals. This new program allows for a more personalized approach to learning, that helps opticians not only meet their requirements but improve their skills to excellence.

How it Works

Opticians take an online assessment every three years, and are encouraged to work on areas that may show a need for improvement. A “needs improvement” may come up when an optician does not use a certain skill within their scope in their every day practice. Some opticians work more often with pediatrics, some with seniors, or other demographics, and so it’s only natural that their focus makes them very good at certain things but unpracticed at others. The assessment allows them to see a clear picture of areas they may want to spend some time on to keep all their skills sharp.