Volunteer Opportunities

Do Something GreatHave you considered volunteering for the ACAO?

Most volunteers are only needed for a few days out of the year; the commitment is small compared to the service you’re providing to your fellow opticians, to students, and to the community at large.

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Fill out the Volunteer Application form if you know what you’re interested in. Otherwise, please review our volunteer opportunities below.

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Field Supervisor

a man and woman shake hands

Oversee student opticians and their supervisors

As a Field Supervisor, you will visit practicing student opticians on-site.

The Field Supervisor ensures that students have access to the necessary equipment, and that they are being properly supervised. You will answer questions and provide feedback from students and their supervisors to NAIT.

Hearing Tribunal Member

a gavol and law bookImpartial adjudicators disciplinary hearings

If you have a strong sense of justice and a desire to keep your practice safe from misconduct, you might like to volunteer for the Hearing Tribunal.

Members will be called upon to sit as impartial decision makers at discipline hearings for other members. In this role, you will strike a balance of fairness for opticians and patients.

Student Mentor


Help student opticians pass the NACOR Exam

Do you have a knack for teaching? How about review?

Mentors will spend time with students and help them develop their skill set in preparation for the NACOR exam.

We may also call upon a Mentor to help new members navigate continuing education.

Committee Member

a woman sitting in a group raises her hand to volunteer for a jobPut you organizational skills to work

If you have strong organizational skills and a desire to serve the public or your fellow opticians, consider volunteering for a committee.

There are several committees to serve on and they all perform different functions. The Negotiations Committee, for instance, meets with optometrists and government organizations to review fee schedules.

PLAR Interviewer


Interview international and non-accredited education candidates

Are you a people person? The PLAR interviewer’s role is to meet with incoming international and non-accredited education candidates. First and foremost, interviewers help determine if candidates are ready to become opticians in Alberta. You should have an easy, relaxed, but professional attitude for this job.

General Volunteer


We have lots of little jobs, and still need helping hands to complete them

As events come up, we will often need opticians to help us operate them. For this reason, a General Volunteer will have various responsibilities at different events.

For example, they might be hosting an information booth, providing services at a Homeless Connect event, or handing out low vision information to senior living facilities.