OH&S Courses

a scientist using an eyewash stationAs health professionals, it is extremely important that opticians know the ins and outs of occupational health and safety.

We have a duty: not just to ourselves, but to our patients.

Here is a list of resources  to give you a full breadth of knowledge on OH&S and infection control procedures. These resources can also be included in your continuing competency program.

Infection Prevention and Control (Alberta Health Services)
Modules include: infection protection and control,personal protective equipment, viral hemorrhagic fever, hand hygiene and a number of supplementary educational resources are also provided.

Occupational health and safety for healthcare workers – eLearning (Govenment of Alberta)
This course reviews the basic principles of occupational health and safety in the healthcare industry and the requirements of OHS legislation.

Other resources offered on the Government of Alberta website:

Free webinars

E-learning modules

Best practices, guides and manuals