OH&S Courses

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There are two Occupational Health and Safety Courses…

As health professionals, it is extremely important that opticians know the ins and outs of occupational health and safety. We have a duty, not just to ourselves, but to our patients. Therefore, we offer not just one, but two OH&S courses, to give you a full breadth of knowledge on the subject. Both courses can be taken for credit.

E-Learning Disc

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General Occupational Health and Safety…

This OH&S course, offered on an E-Learning Disc, is worth 4 EC Credits.

This is a general overview of occupational health and safety, suitable for any workplace environment; it covers all workplace health and safety issues, and how to address them.



Online Course

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Optician Specific Occupational Health and Safety…

The online OH&S course, offered through Canvas Instructure, is worth 6 EC Credits.

This course focuses more specifically on health and safety for opticians, and covers issues that you may come across in your work environment, and how to address them. As a good follow up to the general OH&S course, we recommend that you take this one to deepen your understanding of workplace safety, as it applies to you.