About the Course


Do you think that you have a solid grasp on infection control?  You may be surprised… 

Infection Control and Prevention is a free, multi-unit continuing competence module that employs a number of different delivery techniques:

  • Instructional
  • Directed independent research
  • Self-testing
  • Videos
  • Gaming
  • Implementation Tools

It’s best to take the units in order, beginning with “Introduction”, but you may space your studies out over several months if you choose.

This course is perfect to use as a personal refresher, but it also works well as a tool when you are mentoring new opticians. Of course, you will also find it useful when you are reviewing and updating the infection control and prevention protocols in your dispensary.




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Infection Control is worth 5 EC credits…

After you have done the interactive learning modules, you will be ready to complete one of the Tool Box Exercises. You may choose one to submit for 5EC credits. Each Tool Box Exercise is a fillable PDF form. Simply save/download the exercise to your computer, fill in each blue space, save a copy of the completed exercise to your computer for your records, and email a copy to general@acoa.ca. Alternatively, you can print the PDF, fill it out by hand and email, mail, or fax it into the office (remember to keep the original for your records).

Please note: you only need to submit one (1) Tool Box Exercise to receive your credits for this course. Submitting more than one will not earn you extra credits.





 hands under running water

The first section: think of this as “Unit 0”…


There is no Toolbox Exercise for the Introduction




Unit 1

a man sneezes into his elbow

Infection Control…

Unit 1

Tool Box Exercise 1




Unit 2

a woman disinfects a computer keyboard

Best Practice…

Unit 2

Tool Box Exercise 2




Unit 3

hand sanitizer


 Unit 3

Tool Box Exercise 3




Unit 4

a man, sick in bed

Emergency Intervention…

Unit 4

Tool Box Exercise 4