Code of Conduct Course

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A mandatory, one-time course…

The Code of Conduct course is mandatory for all registered opticians and contact lens practitioners. We designed this course to give you an in depth look at the rules regarding code of conduct for health professionals. The Code of Conduct course is split into four modules, and you need to take each of them once before the end of the Continuing Education Cycle. After you have completed the Code of Conduct course, you will not need to take it again.

Price and Credits…

The Code of Conduct course costs $78.75 per module. This price includes GST, so there is no hidden cost on top of it.  Please submit your payment along with your completed quiz directly to the ACAO office. Each module is worth 5 EC credits.

Module Exercise Guides…

Each module has a sample response key for you to use as a reference for the module exercises. These are meant to serve as a guide for thinking about the exercises, but we expect you to come up with your own responses.


You must complete both the module exercises and the quizzes, but only need to submit the quizzes along with your payment to the ACAO, in order for you to get credit. The quizzes are short, multiple choice questions that should be answered after you complete reading the module and respond to the exercises.

Modules 1-3

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You must take each module once…

Please complete each module and quiz. The exercise guides should help you if you get stuck. Modules 1-4 are all mandatory, and you must take each of them once.

Module 1 Exercise Guide 1 Quiz 1
Module 2 Exercise Guide 2 Quiz 2
Module 3 Exercise Guide 3 Quiz 3


Module 4

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Don’t forget about Module 4…

Remember: You must complete all 4 modules. There are two ways to take Module 4, so you have to notify the office of how you would like to complete it. Therefore, please fill out the Code of Conduct Module 4 sign up sheet and send it to the ACAO e-mail or fax.

Option 1

You can take Module 4 online through Canvas Instructure. This option includes a self-study course as well as a final test. If you choose this option, please send in the Code of Conduct Module 4 sign up sheet and the college will invite you to the canvas course once your payment goes through. This is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to complete Module 4.

Option 2

Module 4 option 2 is a self-study course from the ACAO website, as well as the final test. For those who do not wish to take the course through Canvas Instructure, we have this option available.

If you choose Option 2, please send in the Code of Conduct Module 4 sign up sheet to indicate your choice, and complete the module and quiz. The exercise guide should help you if you get stuck. Modules 1-4 are all mandatory, and you must take each of them once.


Module 4 Exercise Guide 4 Quiz 4




Code of Conduct Videos

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For a walk-through of the course, watch these videos…

A few years ago our Registrar went through the first Code of Conduct module, one step at a time, and we recorded it. Consequently, these videos are now available as a guide if you need extra help.








Submit Modules

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Please send your completed forms to…



Fax: 780-426-5576 or (toll free) 1-800-584-6896

Don’t forget to include your payment so that we can process your Con-Ed credits.




Message from the Registrar

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Why Code of Conduct? The Registrar wants you to know…

This course has been designed to assist the membership, you, to understand the rules and show you how to apply standards for your practice. All Opticians will be required to do the Code of Conduct Course. It will qualify for Continuing Education credits and you can do it in the comfort of your own home or office. The first two modules must be completed during the current three year cycle for continuing education. The next two modules will be required during the next continuing education cycle. All new members after that point must complete it as a registration requirement. This course will have a fee, and all proceeds will go to a contingency fund to deal with the unexpected.

This is risk management at its finest. Identify an area of risk, create a climate to reduce the risk as far as possible, and prepare for any unfavourable outcome as much as possible.

Maureen Hussey,
Executive Director / Registrar

Please Note: This message discusses the 2011-2014 Continuing Education Cycle.