Code of Conduct Course

a gavel in front of a Canadian flag

A mandatory, one-time course

The Code of Conduct course is mandatory for all registered opticians and contact lens practitioners. We designed this course to give you an in depth look at the rules regarding code of conduct for health professionals.

The Code of Conduct course is split into four modules; you need to take them each once before the end of the Continuing Education Cycle. After you have completed the Code of Conduct course, you will not need to take it again.

Module Exercise Guides

The Code of Conduct Modules are now available online through our Moodle page. Each module has a series of chapters, with exercises throughout. The exercises should get you thinking about possible code of conduct related scenarios.

In the appendix section of the course, there are sample responses to give you some ideas. These are a guide for thinking about the exercises, but it would benefit you most to come up with your own responses.


After you work your way through the chapters and exercises, you will need to complete the final quiz. You have two chances to take the quiz, and you can go back and review the chapters and the appendices as you need to. The quizzes are not timed.

Once you finish a the module quiz, you should receive an automatic e-mail from Moodle confirming your submission. Please forward your submission confirmation to so that we can update your con-ed in our database.

Code of Conduct Videos

The ACAO’s former Registrar, Maureen Hussey, went through the first Code of Conduct module, one step at a time, and we recorded it. These videos are now available as a guide if you need extra help.