Course Providers

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Vendors who are offering a continuing education course…

As a course provider, you can apply to have your seminar or course accredited through the ACAO. All you need to do is submit a vendor form along with a processing fee of $25. Once the course is registered in our system, our members can take it and receive credits!

The ACAO also accepts courses approved through NACOR. Some providers choose to receive accreditation through NACOR because they can have their course approved for several provinces at once. However you choose to do it, accreditation will attract continuing education students.

Accredited courses should provide a certificate, receipt, or some other indication that members will receive credits from the college. This ensures that there is no confusion, and it helps opticians decide which courses to take.





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Opticians who are taking the continuing education course for credit…

The accreditation process is easy, and it improves turnout to the course. Consequently, most course providers have taken care of this step for you. Accredited courses usually will issue a certificate of completion, receipt, or other document that shows you will receive credits. If the course you take does not specify that you will earn credits, it may not be accredited.

Additionally, you may want to take a useful course that was not designed for opticians. Related field courses can help round out your education, but they require an extra step. For unaccredited courses that are relevant to your professional development, you may submit an application and a $5 processing fee. We will review the information you send us and decide if the course meets the requirements for CE accreditation. We will also determine how many credits to award.

Please note: The $5 processing fee is only for members who are registering unaccredited continuing education courses; you do not need to pay $5 every time you submit credits (there is no fee for submitting credits from accredited courses).