Continuing Education

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What is it?

The Health Professions Act requires each Health Regulatory Organization to assure that their profession meets quality standards by administering a Continuing Education program.

Continuing education (CE) is required for all members of the ACAO, including both practicing and non-practicing registrants.

We require all members to complete a continuing competency program in order to renew their license at the end of each three year Con-Ed cycle. In order to register, you must complete your continuing education.

Why Mandate Continuing Education?

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Practitioner Competency

The health care field is constantly changing, with new technology and research emerging all the time. Consequently, opticians need to be aware of new techniques, information, and emerging technology that may impact eye care or the services they offer.

Protecting the Public

In addition, the public has a right to expect that registered health professionals continually demonstrate proficiency in the field. They expect that you are not relying on outdated knowledge or techniques, and that they are getting the best care possible. The public rightfully expects the ACAO to ensure all registrants are up-to-date.

Government Requirements

The government also expects that opticians will continue to have access to emerging data and technology.  The ACAO is required to make registration renewal contingent on the completion of new educational requirements.

Continuing Competence Program

The Continuing Competence Program has shifted from meeting a credit number to focused learning and personal goals. The ACAO CCP includes online self-assessments tied to the National Competencies followed by 6 learning goals created by the optician. The optician may choose to focus their learning on areas that the assessments have shown may use improvement, or they may decide to focus on skills and concepts they deal with regularly in their practice ensure continued proficiency.

Courses vs Self-Directed Learning

The new CCP allows for more flexibility in self-directed learning, which means that you can decide how activities, volunteer opportunities, organisational practices, and more may feed into your continuing education. However, some people may find it helpful to direct their learning with courses that have been approved and tied to the competencies. The ACAO still offers courses that have been tied to the competencies to help you reach your goal, and other educational courses can be reviewed and tied to competencies as well. You can find the ACAO’s course list by logging in to our Moodle online database. You can also find a list of current NACOR accredited courses on the NACOR website.

If you have questions or concerns about Continuing Education, please contact the college office.