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We recently partnered with a company called OneLocal that is providing a great free resource to small businesses across the country called CovidSafe.Services.

Based on a study conducted by OneLocal of over 1000 respondents, 89.6% of people won’t enter your business unless you clearly list all of the safety precautions you are taking to keep customers safe. This is why they built COVIDsafe so that business owners can easily acknowledge all of the safety precautions they are taking and in turn market those safety precautions to all potential customers, in order to increase the chances that a consumer will transact with you.

COVIDsafe comes in the form of a badge you can place on your website which all of your visitors can view. Using the link below, you can sign up for this free resource in 10 minutes or less and all of your customers will be able to see all of the precautions you are taking to keep them safe.

Sign Up Here

Any questions can be directed to, just make sure to mention where you heard about them from.