Mandatory Separation of College and Association
Bill 46 introduced by the Government of Alberta requires all combined health colleges and associations to separate. The Alberta College and Association of Opticians will now become the College of Opticians of Alberta with the sole mandate to protect the public. 

What is the purpose of a college?
To practice and use the title of optician (RO, RCLP) in Alberta requires registration and licensure with the college. The mandate of the college is to protect the public through regulation, standards of practice, continuing competence, and complaints/discipline. The college is required to exist under law and is accountable to the government and people of Alberta. 

What is the purpose of an association?
Membership associations exist to support and provide services to their members, typically through continuing education, advocacy, and benefit programs. The mandate of an association is to meet the needs of members (the “owners”). An association is not required to exist under law and membership is voluntary. 

Next Steps – As part of the Bill 46 separation process, the ACAO has established a steering committee to explore development of an independent association for opticians in Alberta. As there are expenses involved in both building and operating an association, the committee would like to hear from ACAO members about the programs and services that interest them and any other association ideas they would like to share.

Please take a moment to let us know what is important to you and help us determine our first steps in development. Thank you for your participation!

Take the Survey: ACAO Association Development Survey

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