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Useful resources from the ACAO website

Welcome, students! We want to help you navigate this process, so we’ve gathered some quick links to get you started.

On our website, you’ll find resources to prepare you for the NACOR exam, links to employment opportunities, and tips on how to find a job.

The NACOR Exam

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External Links

We’ve gathered some resources to help you branch out your search for jobs in the field, find study tips, and other helpful information from around the web.

For example, on Study Blue you can create a free account and join classmates in building flashcards to test your theory knowledge. You can take the lead and create a series of flashcards yourself, or add to the pool for current and future students to use as a study guide.

While many job banks show opportunities for opticians, “Jobs 4 ECPs” specifically hosts employment opportunities for eye health professionals.


Study Help

Optician Study Videos

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Visit our youtube channel for educational video playlists

Have you ever gone looking for study videos, only to find that some of the information is inaccurate? We’ve gathered together some of the best educational optician training videos on youtube and sorted them into helpful playlists.

You can visit our youtube channel to see some great content about Optical Calculations, Prentice’s Rule, Snell’s Law, Radiuscope, Keratometry, and more. Remember to check back often, as more relevant videos and playlists will be added.