Biannual Exam

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You will have two opportunities per year to write the NACOR exam each year

The NACOR exam is held twice per year, in the summer and the winter. In Alberta, the main examination date is in June, and will be the first opportunity for most students after you have finished your coursework.

There is also a rewrite opportunity in February for those who were unable to pass the first exam, and for those who finish their coursework later in the year and are unable to attempt the first exam.

We have found that these times benefit graduating students the most, but we understand that students will complete their programs throughout the year. Your Provisional status should ensure that even if you have to wait a few months for the next exam, you can still work in your field under Supervision.

Exam Dates

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When exactly does the NACOR exam take place?

While the exam happens at roughly the same time every year, the exact dates will change.

The dates are different from province to province, so if you are writing outside Alberta, your exam dates will not match what we advertise on our social media pages and newsletters.

Visit the NACOR website for more information about exact dates and venues for the NACOR exam.

The Exams

Optical Sciences 1: Eyeglass Exam

In Alberta, the Eyeglass examination is typically held on a Saturday. For details about the Eyeglass Exam, visit the NACOR website.

Optical Sciences 2: Advanced Practice, Contact Lens Exam

The Contact Lens Examination is held on Sunday, the day after the Eyeglass Exam. For details about the Contact Lens Exam, visit the NACOR website.

Examination Fees

How much does it cost to take the exam?

Both exams cost the same amount:

Optical Sciences: Eyeglass Exam — $750.00

Optical Sciences: Advanced Practice, Contact Lens Exam — $750.00

Every second year, the National Examination Committee reviews the exam in detail. They ensure that the exam questions are clear, relevant, and up to date, and review any special requests and suggestions about the exam.

Your exam fees help pay for this process, as well as marking, moderators, equipment, and other necessities to keep the NACOR exam running.

NACOR Pass Marks

To pass the NACOR Optical Sciences 1: Eyeglass Exam, you need 61% or higher.

You must have 68% or higher to pass the NACOR Optical Sciences 2: Advanced Practice, Contact Lens Exam.

If you are unsuccessful passing the NACOR Exam, you may try again for a total of 3 attempts before remediation is required.

Are you ready for the NACOR Exam?