Who Can Write the NACOR Exam?

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In order to take this step, you need to make sure you are eligible…

The NACOR exam is the second to last step to becoming a fully licensed Optician in Alberta. The end goal for writing the NACOR is Registration with the ACAO. Before you can write the NACOR exam, you must complete and pass an accredited Opticianry program, or if you an International Candidate, you must complete the steps required by the ACAO.

If you have not completed an accredited program and you are not an International applicant, please review our Non-Accredited Education Candidates page for the steps you must take before you can be eligible to write the NACOR exam.




Register as Provisional

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There is a step between finishing your program and writing the exam…

After you pass your Opticianry program, you need to register with the ACAO as a Provisional Optician for the interim before you can write the exam. Registering as Provisional is mandatory, and it ensures that the ACAO can protect both you and the public. Once you have passed the NACOR exam, your Provisional License will be amended to a Registered Optician or Registered Contact Lens Practitioner.




Three Chances to Succeed

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Exams can be challenging, and people make mistakes. That’s why we give you three chances…

The NACOR exam tests the knowledge and skills you learned in your Opticianry program. NACOR strives to ensure that only programs which meet all of the requirements for education receive accreditation.

However, we understand that there are a number of reasons you may perform poorly on the exam. Test anxiety, illness, or other personal issues can have an effect on exam performance. Therefore, we will give you three opportunities to write the NACOR exam before requiring remediation.




What if You Are Unsuccessful?

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You’ve tried your best, but you have been unsuccessful three times. Now what?

If you are still unable to pass on your third attempt, there may be something missing in your education or skill set. In this case, it is best to spend some time practicing and refreshing your memory on key concepts. If you are unsuccessful three times, you will need to take an upgrading program as approved by the Registrar or Registration Committee of the ACAO before you may attempt the examination again.