Consider Alberta

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Moving to Canada? Alberta has a lot to offer…

If you’re immigrating to Canada and are undecided on where you would like to live, consider Alberta! There are provincial and federal programs available to help you settle in, beautiful natural and historic landmarks to visit, and plenty of things to do. With our deserts, plains, hills, forests, and mountains, there are no shortages of beautiful places to live. Alberta has some of the longest year round sun and some great activities for winter or summer. Is living and working in Alberta right for you? Follow the helpful links below to see how Alberta compares.


Immigrating to Alberta

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Immigration can be overwhelming; let us help you get started…

What are the steps you need to take to Immigrate to Alberta? Who can help you along the way? Where can you get more information about the process? has a lot of great resources, including numerous links to help you get started on this journey.



Cost of Living

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How does Alberta compare?

What’s the average Salary in Alberta? How much does it cost to live here? How does this compare with other provinces in Canada? comes to the rescue again with resources to help inform you about Alberta’s place in the Canadian economy.



Climate and Weather

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Alberta has diverse ecozones…

Alberta has a variety of ecozones, with a range of climates, and thanks to the chinook winds that come down over the mountains, much of Alberta has the possibility of rapidly changing weather. So what does this mean for those who live here? Check out the animated graphs on this page at for a visual idea of what to expect. You can also see much daylight you can expect at different times of year.



Choosing a Location

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What part of Alberta suits you best?

Where do you want to live? Would you prefer a smaller community or a larger city? What do you like to do on your days off? A quick trip to the mountains, a visit to the beach, an art gallery or museum, a concert, or an exciting festival… any location will offer opportunities, but some will be easier to access than others. Find out why this article lists these five Alberta cities as the best, or watch this video about finding your fit in Alberta.

You can visit the official city web page for any Alberta locale. Below are listed just a few:



Red Deer


Medicine Hat

Spruce Grove

St Albert




Seeing the Sights

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Our beautiful province…

Alberta boasts a variety of life in 5 national parks across the province. From mountains to plains to badlands, forests, rivers, and glacier lakes… Alberta is a wonder to nature. To learn more about Alberta’s National parks, visit their webpages below:


Elk Island


Waterton Lakes

Wood Buffalo

Exciting attractions…

In addition to natural wonders, Alberta has some impressive man-made architecture. In Edmonton you can see an indoor amusement park and water park, a full sized pirate ship, a sea lion show, and a deep sea aquarium, all in one place at West Edmonton Mall. At the Muttart Conservatory you can experience four unique biomes under glass pyramids; a welcome respite during cold winter months.

In Calgary you can catch a show at the Saddledome, an impressive structure that lives up to its name. There’s lots of fun for families at the Calgary Zoo, a sprawling wildlife sanctuary with local and exotic animals.

If you live in Lethbridge, you may enjoy a charming stroll through the Nikka Yuko gardens, or a visit to one of the many live music venues in cafes and pubs across the city. Lethbridge is a student city, with both a University and a College campus, and you will find no shortage of student organized events open to the public.

These are just a few of the possible sights to see. To learn more about what you can do in your area, check out your city’s official website to see what they have to offer.