Oversight of Education Programs

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Who makes sure programs meet educational standards?

As a student optician, you want to be sure that whatever program you are enrolled in, you are getting the best possible education. But who makes sure that your accredited program maintains education standards? How is that oversight carried out?

The ACAO is one of nine regulatory bodies that make up the National Association of Canadian Optician Regulators. As a part of NACOR, we participate in overseeing the quality of recognized education programs. We do this in two ways.

One: Evaluation and Accreditation

NACOR maintains the National Competencies for Canadian Opticians. These competencies are used by Accreditation Canada to determine whether a program should be accredited. By regularly reviewing these programs, we can ensure that accredited programs continue to meet high quality educational standards.

Two: Examination

The NACOR exam tests the competencies of students graduating from Opticianry programs. A high success rate of students on the NACOR exam indicates a successful program, but a low success rate would indicate that the program needs careful review.

Education Programs across Canada

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Does the ACAO accept opticians trained at accredited institutions from other provinces?

The ACAO can be confident that all of the accredited Opticianry programs across Canada offer quality education because of the two methods of oversight listed above.

If you trained at an accredited institution in Canada, you can transition to practice in Alberta.