Is Opticiany Right for You?

a woman in an optical, trying on glasses.

Are you considering becoming an optician? Whether you’re fresh out of school, moving to Canada from another country, or looking for a career change, opticianry offers some exciting opportunities.

Opticianry is customer service, health care, and fashion all rolled into one! We are front line health care professionals, often the first point of contact for the public. Working together with other health professionals in the circle of care, opticians deliver quality health service to all. Simultaneously, we offer advice on the best lens and frame choices for function, comfort, and style!

For more detailed information about opticianry visit the Opticians Council of Canada’s become an optician website.

Salary Expectations

Dollar Signs

What does the average optician in Alberta make?

If you’re considering becoming an optician, you might be wondering what the average optician is paid. In 2018, we surveyed opticians in Alberta to find out the average income for the profession. Some opticians reported their salary or hourly wage as a dollar range and some noted in their responses that their salary or hourly wage is supplemented by bonuses and/or incentives from their employer. The following graphs reflect our best representation of the responses provided:

Click here to download the 2018 reported hourly wages & salaries for opticians in Alberta.

For a look at the 2017 results of the survey, including hourly wages, and a more detailed breakdown of results check out our 2017 Wage Survey article.

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If this explanation has piqued your interest, and you want to learn more about becoming an optician, watch the videos below! Need further information? Contact us and we will be happy to help you take your next steps!