We Need Opticians for CRC and Hearing Tribunals

Are you an experienced Optician with an interest in dispute resolution?

If so, the ACAO invites you to consider an active role in self-governance as a member of our Disciplines committee, which includes the Complaints Review Committee (CRC) and Hearing Tribunal.

The CRC reviews dismissed complaints at the request of complainants. A Hearing Tribunal considers evidence and arguments in adjudicating a charge of unprofessional conduct against an Optician. Each is comprised of at least three members: two Opticians and at least one member from the public.


We promise an interesting, challenging, and very satisfying experience.


CRC or Hearing Tribunal positions are open to all registered members who are in good standing with the ACAO.  Experience serving on committees or assessing students or opticians for readiness to enter practice are valuable assets but not required. We are willing to train.


Expected time commitment is one day for a CRC meeting, and one to two days for a Hearing Tribunal, plus up to 15 additional hours. The Chair of the CRC or Hearing Tribunal will prepare decision documents with the assistance of legal counsel.

The ACAO ensures all committee members working on behalf of the ACAO are able to do so without incurring personal financial expense. Therefore, we will compensate and reimburse committee members in accordance with ACAO financial policies.

Apply by May 4, 2018.

For more information or to apply, contact Kristie Murray, Hearings Director at:

Phone: (780) 429-2694 or

Email: Kristie@acao.ca