Moodle Con-Ed

Computer and Notebook

Over the years, the ACAO has offered continuing education courses in a variety of media. Today, we offer a number of digital courses that make your learning experience interactive and fun. When you are engaged with the material, you get more out of it!

It is with interactivity and ease of access in mind that we have begun to compile our courses on a single platform that is designed to host educational content: Moodle.


Moodle offers an opportunity to enhance your learning experience in several ways. For example, we have broken up the content of courses into easier to manage sections, rather than a long stream of information. Moodle saves your progress, so if you need to step away from a course, you can return to it and pick up where you left off.

Additionally, some of the longer courses offer a chance to test your knowledge at checkpoints throughout the lesson. Many of the final quizzes can be attempted more than once, so you’ll have several chances to succeed, and the opportunity to review material easily.


There are both free and paid courses available on Moodle. You can access them directly from the Moodle course list when you login.

To take any course, simply login to Moodle and enroll yourself. Once you finish a free course, you will receive a completion receipt (badge) for proof of completion.

For paid courses, you can access the content immediately as with free courses, but you won’t get your credits until both your completion/badge receipt and your payment are received. We have set the courses up for self-enrollment so that you don’t lose any time waiting for us to make paid courses available.


In addition to courses for credit, there are several games based on the Standards of Practice and eye terminology. Play hangman, crossword puzzles, space invaders and game show style games, and more to stay sharp and have fun. Want to see more games? Visit the Course Request section on Moodle and suggest a topic you would like to see turned into a game!

Experience Points

Another new feature is the accumulation of levels through experience points! The more you interact with the material, the more experience points you gain, and the higher your level. Gain points by completing courses, playing games, and reviewing material you’ve gone over before. Check your position in relation to others on the leader board with the “Ladder” function.


Earn achievements, called “badges,” by completing courses. Send in your badge receipt as proof of completion to earn your credit. You can compare your number of badges to others with the badge Ladder function. Some badges are awarded when you complete single courses, and some are awarded for the completion of a set of courses. Can you get them all?

Login to Moodle

a hand selects "Login" on a window with "username" and "password" fields filled in

Your learning journey begins when you login

Logging in to Moodle is easy!

Your username is your license number, and your initial password is the same as you used to log in to My Account.

Once you log in for the first time, you will be asked to pick your own password; it’s important to choose something that you won’t forget, yet won’t be easy to guess.

If you experience any issues with logging in, contact the College office (780-429-2694) or so we can look into it for you.