ACAO Social Media

Did you know we have social media pages?

The ACAO wants to keep you informed on several different platforms. In addition to the updates you’ll find on our webpage, you can follow us on Facebook, and YouTube!


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Contests, news, and college updates!

Check out our Facebook page for:

  • Science news
  • Current events
  • Health and wellness tips
  • Monthly contests for members
  • College news and updates

Enter our monthly contests by answering optical trivia questions, and you could win a branded water bottle or coffee mug!


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Curated videos just for you!

You may have heard about our YouTube channel from its popularity among student opticians, but it’s important for everyone to keep their skills up to date; that’s why our curated playlists can be helpful to any optician!

These are just some of the topics from our many playlists:

  • Eyeglass repair
  • Edging
  • Optical Calculations
  • Keratometry
  • Biomicroscopy
  • Radiuscope
  • Dry Eye