The Committees

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Each committee is responsible for a different area of regulation…

In addition to the Board of Directors, the ACAO has several committees. These committees determine policy and procedures, as well as establish guidelines in several areas that are critical to the continued regulation of opticians in Alberta. Of course these committees have board members, but they are also made up of public members, paid licensed members, and volunteers.


Committee Members
Regulatory Gene Kerns (Chair)
Dean Thompson
Margaret Cayenne
Sukh Garcha (Member at Large)
Hearing Tribunal Udo Hanebaum
Fred Miller
Nadine Aden
Dan Losey
Bud Busenius
Sylvia Mik
Jasmina Miskic
Public Member: Appointed by Government
Examination Karla Charland
Contact Lens Chief Examiner
Eyeglass Chief Examiner
Examiners as Required
Field Supervision Karla Charland
Field Supervisor Coordinator
Field Supervisors as Required
Finance and Audit Randy Bradley (Chair)
Mel Findell
Shaffin Kherani
Association Val Pryma (Chair)
Dean Thompson
Erin Clarke
Kristen Linsday (Member at Large)
Negotiations Udo Hanebaum
Tracy Woywitka
Policy Margaret Cayenne (Chair)
Val Pryma
Randy Bradley
Jennifer Wheaton
Kiran Dhaliwal (Member at Large)
Quality Assurance  Sana Mazar (Chair)
Gene Kerns
Stephanie Amyotte (Member at Large)



Committee Roles

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Regulatory Committee…

The Regulatory Committee is responsible for establishing and/or approving education regulation for the profession. This includes both initial education and continuing education. Additionally, they are responsible for updating and overseeing the Code of Ethics, Standards of Registration, and Standards of Practice.

Hearing Tribunal Committee…

Under the Health Professions Act, the ACAO needs to have a hearing tribunal committee. The Hearing Tribunal Committee listens to allegations of a member’s misconduct. This committee is responsible for determining if the allegations can be proven. If the member is found guilty, they also decide which penalties to impose.

Examination Committee…

The Examination Committee is, of course, responsible for running the NACOR exam. This committee works with the Field Supervision committee and the Registrar to get a list of all prospective candidates. They are then responsible for contacting those candidates and receiving their applications. The Examination committee also sets the schedule for exams, and orders rooms and equipment for the students to use.

Field Supervision Committee…

The Field Supervision committee makes sure that students are qualified to challenge the NACOR exam. Field Supervisors visit students and supervisors to ensure that needs are being met. At this time, they also answer any questions that either party has. The Field Supervision committee facilitates field supervisors in this role; in addition, they make any necessary adjustments to ensure a high quality of education is received.

Finance and Audit Committee…

The Finance and Audit Committee monitors the financial state of the ACAO. This committee ensures that financial reports are provided to the board at quarterly meetings. Additionally, they are responsible for making sure that the board understands the financial state of the organization. The Finance and Audit Committee also supervises audits.

Association Committee…

This committee keeps members informed of the services that the ACAO provides. The Association Committee gives support and guidance accordingly to opticians with questions. They furthermore serve the best interest of the members through marketing, professional development, consumer education, advocacy, forecasting trends, and networking.

Negotiations Committee…

This committee negotiates contracts with Social Services, provincial health care agencies, Veterans Affairs and Indian Affairs. In fact, they are in charge of negotiations on all government federal and provincial contracts. They also serve as a go between in addressing members’ questions and concerns related to fees and fee increases.

Policy Committee…

The Policy Committee develops policies for the ACAO operations and practices. They also review current policies to keep them up to date and consistent with evolving needs.  Based on their findings, they then make recommendations about ACAO policies to Council.

Quality Assurance Committee…

The Quality Assurance Committee develops and evaluates the Continuing Competency Program of the ACAO. The committee also reviews and recommends policy updates to the Board. Therefore, quality of practice can be maintained through continued improvement.




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Be a part of something big…

All things considered, the ACAO cannot function without the hard work and dedication of volunteers. We have an office staff, but The ACAO is by and large a self-regulated body of opticians. Consequently, we still need members to take on the roles and responsibilities that help our non-profit organization run smoothly. Therefore, if you would like to serve on a committee, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Ruta Nuguse. If you would like to learn more about volunteer positions, or otherwise get involved, check out our Volunteer page.