The Opticians of Manitoba (OOM) & The World Continuing Education Alliance

The Opticians of Manitoba (OOM) has partnered with the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA), a global provider of specialist Continuing Education platforms. Together they are providing online continuing education opportunities to opticians.

Register for Access to the WCEA Courses

There is a one time only $10.00 registration fee which can be paid to the OOM. Upon receipt of your payment the OOM will provide you with the information which you will need to log into the WCEA site and access the modules.

To register please contact the OOM by phone at 204-222-8404, toll free at 1-855-346-3715 or by email at

Once you have paid your access fee, the OOM will forward your name and email address to WCEA and they will send you an invitation letter with your log in information. With your access information you can take any of the available content on their Portal and once you have successfully completed the post test, you will be issued with your certificate of completion.

When you receive your certificate, you must send it to the ACAO to ensure that your credits are added.

There are currently 29 free modules in the opticians catalogue and 229 that range in price from $19.56 -$ 52.57. There are 212 free modules in the optometrists catalogue and 164 between $6.00 and $ 120.00,  many of which in this catalogue may also be suitable for opticians.

Click here to access and review these catalogues free of charge as a guest user.

For more information visit the OOM website.