Annual Registration Renewal


You know the drill, but it’s easy to forget something that only happens once a year…

Every year it’s the same thing; you renew your registration and pay your fees. We understand that the process can be frustrating, particularly if you miss a deadline and end up owing late fees. For your benefit as well as ours, we will try to remind you through social media, the newsletters, and the website to ensure that you are given ample opportunity to register on time.


Registration  Package

You know the drill, but it’s easy to forget something that only happens once a year…


For new or returning applicants who wish to register as an Optician (RO) or Contact Lens Practitioner (RCLP) with the Alberta College and Association of Opticians please complete the Registration Package and submit it to the Alberta College and Association of Opticians.  If you would like to register as a Provisional Optician please visit our Provisional Opticians page.



Registration Period


Registration renewal happens at the same time every year…

Your registration renewal and payment are due by December 1st each year. Registration opens October 1st. Early Bird Registration runs from October 1st to October 31st, and will automatically enter you into a draw for cash prizes!

Once you have applied and paid your fees, you will be a registered member of the College from January 1st to December 31st every year.




Online Registration


We are committed to streamlining the registration process to make it as easy as possible

Practicing, Non-Practicing, and Provisional members are required to renew their registration, and now you can renew online! Registering online is easy; simply log in in to your optician profile account and submit your form and payment through our secure electronic system.


Provisional Registration…

If you are a provisional member and this is your first time registering, you can download the Registration Package here, and read the Provisional Opticians page for more information. You can also watch the Provisional Registration Video at the bottom of this page or on our Youtube channel.


We no longer send registration letters to you in the mail…

We are conscious of our environmental footprint, and we aim to reduce costs whenever possible. Sending registration letters in the mail takes a toll on both. Additionally, occasional delivery issues may prevent you from receiving your forms on time. Thanks to the internet and the prevalence of computers, we are better able to serve you by making the forms available for immediate download, and offering a completely paperless way for you to register even faster.




Errors and Omissions Insurance


You must have insurance to register…

Each optician must have one million dollars of Errors and Omissions Insurance in order to register. You are responsible for ensuring that your insurance coverage is full and up to date, and by filling out the registration form, you are also promising the ACAO that you have E&O Insurance.

E&O Insurance may be provided by your employer, or you can register for membership with the Opticians Association of Canada (OAC) which includes Professional Liability Insurance.


What is Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O) is a professional liability insurance that protects you from “lawsuits for damages claimed by a third party, resulting from a professional error or omission or negligent act” committed while you were practicing as an optician. For more information about E&O insurance through the OAC, visit the membership benefits page on their website.




Watch our Registration Videos


Don’t stress! There’s a step by step guide to help you on your way…

Registering for the first time? Just need to jog your memory after a year? We recommend that you watch our Registration Renewal video, which lays out the steps to registration in an easy to follow format:



If you are trying to register as Provisional, this next video is for you: