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Your registration renewal and payment are due by December 1st each year. On December 2nd we will apply a 10% late penalty to all outstanding accounts . Don’t wait to register; it is fast and easy thanks to online renewal.

Early Bird Registration…

Early Bird Registration runs from October 1st to October 31st, and will automatically enter you into a draw for cash prizes. Register during this period and you could potentially win back your fees!




Table of Fees



Type of RegistrantTotal Annual Fee Due Dec 1
Registered Opticians (RO)755.04
Registered Contact Lens Practitioner (RCLP)182.67 (+RO Fee = 937.71)
Non-Practicing (NP)304.46
Provisional Optician755.04
Provisional Contact Lens Practitioner937.71

** All fees include GST Transfer Fee: Past members of the ACAO who are returning their license to Alberta from another province must pay A $50.00 transfer fee. Failure to Renew License: Failure to submit a completed renewal of registration form or payment by ACAO deadline of December 1st will result in the late penalty of 10%. If a registration form or payment is not received by the ACAO by January 1st suspension will result. When registering after you’ve been suspended the Reinstatement fee and annual fee will apply. Income Tax Receipts Official receipts and practice permits are mailed after the registration process has been completed. Duplicate Receipts: $10.00






Registered Opticians

For 2017, Registered Opticians will be required to pay $755.04.

Seniors (65+) pay ½ fees, for a total of $377.53.

Registered Contact Lens Practitioners

Registered Contact Lens Practitioners pay RO plus RCLP fees.

For 2017, Registered Contact Lens Practitioners will pay $755.04 + $182.67 for a total of $937.71.

Seniors (65+) pay ½ fees, for a total of $468.87.





If you need to transition to Non-Practicing, your fee will be $304.46. Fees are prorated quarterly, should you wish to return to your practice at any point during the year.

Tip: If you know that you are going to transition to non-practicing part way through the year (for example, maternity/parental leave), please call the office as far in advance as you can and we may be able to give you a reduced rate.

Unfortunately, we do not give refunds.





Provisional Opticians

Provisional opticians applying for a full year will pay full RO fees, totaling $755.04. April graduates who apply for provisional will pay prorated prorated fees for a total of $377.52. The provisional fee you pay in April is a fee to assure supervision until the NACOR exam. After you pass the exam, this fee automatically transfers you from provisional to licensed optician for the rest of the year.

Provisional Contact Lens Practitioners

Provisional Contact Lens Practitioners applying for a full year will pay full RCLP fees, which include RO fees, for a total of $937.71. April graduates who apply for provisional will pay prorated prorated fees for a total of $468.86.



Reinstatement Fees


If you are not registered for the current year by December 31st, you will be automatically suspended and will be required to pay reinstatement fees in order to resume practice.  Suspension of outstanding accounts takes place on January 1st of each year.

Reinstatement fees are equal to one year of registration for Eyeglass. For 2017, Reinstatement fees will be $755.04.

Seniors 65+ years: no reinstatement fees for return to practice within 2 years of retirement.



Other Fees


Assessment of Non-Accredited Education & First Time Applicants

TypesTotal Annual Fee Including GST
Document Assessment Fee225.75
PLAR/GAP Administration Fee (out of country)682.50
PLAR/GAP Administration Fee (return to license)374.85


NSF Cheques

We will charge $52.50 for bounced cheques. This price includes GST.

Transfer Fee (Returning to Alberta)

We require a transfer fee of $52.50 for past members of the ACAO who are returning their license to Alberta from another province. This price includes GST.

Application Fee (New Member)

New Members will need to pay an additional $120.75 application fee on top of their regular amount. This is a one time cost that enables new members to be included into our system, and does not need to be repeated upon registration renewal.

Income Tax Receipts

We will mail official receipts and practice permits after the registration process is complete. For any duplicate receipts there will be a $10.00 fee.



Where Your Fees Go


Your fees come back to serve you…

The Alberta College and Association of Opticians is a non-profit organization. We use your contributions to run the College office, the board of directors, and the events offered periodically through the year. Additionally, we maintain a monetary safety net to cover legal costs if the necessity arises. We keep prices down by going paperless whenever possible, and by taking care of as many projects as we can in house.