What is the Vision Screening Program?


Increase public awareness of Opticians, and help make a difference in your community…

Vision screening is an efficient and cost effective method to identify individuals with eye conditions that are likely to lead to visual impairment. However, it is not an eye exam. Vision Screeners may refer affected individuals to an appropriate eye care professional for further evaluation.

Opticians are front line health care providers who will perform vision screening as part of a community event, or in the Alberta school system. By offering this service, opticians will:

  • Increase their profile in the community by being the first contact for vision care.
  • Identify those who may be at risk for eye disease, or who are unaware they need corrective eyewear
  • Educate consumers about the value of seeing a licensed optician
  • Be able to achieve the specialty designation of Vision Screening Optician




Become a Vision Screener


Steps to earning the specialty designation of Vision Screener…

There are two parts to Vision Screening training; an online Vision Screening Course (Part 1), and a Vision Screening Practicum (Part 2). Together, both sections will take approximately 6 hours to complete. When you have completed both sections, you will be eligible to apply for the specialty designation status of Vision Screener with the ACAO.



CE Credits


The Vision Screening program is a great way to earn free CE credits…

The Vision Screening program is worth 5 credits in total. You can earn 3 EC credits for the online Vision Screening course, and 2 EC credits for the Vision Screening practicum.




Partial Training


No time for the practicum? You can still earn partial credit for completing part 1…

Please note, for those members who do not wish to complete the entire training program, the online Vision Screening course may be completed on its own for 3 EC credits. However, members who have not completed Part 1 will not be eligible to enroll in Part 2, or work at a school or community Vision Screening event organized through the ACAO.



More Information


For more information about the program, or our Vision Screening Events, contact us…

If you have questions about the Vision Screening program, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Julie Therou.

Phone: 780-426-2694 (1-800-263-6026)

E-mail: Julie@opticians.ab.ca