A young boy reads an eye chart with his hand over one eye.

In order to be a Vision Screener, you need to complete the training…

Do you want to be a Vision Screener, and make a difference in the lives of so many children and community members who need your expertise? All you have to do is complete the training. Vision Screening training has been developed for ACAO members. The training is made up of two parts; an online Vision Screening Course, and a Vision Screening Practicum.


Online Vision Screening Course

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Take the course online and earn partial credits…

Part One of the Vision Screening Course can be completed online through Canvas. Upon completion of this section, you will earn 3 EC credits.

After you sign up for the vision screening canvas course, you will then be sent an e-mail invitation to join the course on Canvas. Follow the directions on our Canvas page if you find you’re having trouble navigating the site.

Please note: You may choose to only complete this section of the course for 3 credits, but you will not be eligible for the title of Vision Screener without having completed the Practicum.


Vision Screening Practicum

 A little girl holds her fingers around her eyes like a pair of glasses

It’s time to put that knowledge to the test…

Part two, the Practicum portion of this course, enables you to get hands-on experience, and perform a public service at the same time. For this section of the course, you will earn an additional 2 EC credits.

Sign up for the vision screening practicum to complete your training.

Please note: Before you take the Practicum, you first need to complete the online Vision Screening Course through Canvas.



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How much does it cost and how long does it take?

This is a FREE course, that we offer to encourage you to broaden your skill set.

Most people are able to complete both sections of the course in a total of 6 hours.

After you finish the online course and the practicum, you will then be eligible to apply for the specialty designation status of Vision Screener with the ACAO.