Become a Supervisor

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Have you considered becoming a Supervisor? There are many benefits and rewards …

All Provisional Opticians and Provisional Contact Lens Practitioners need Supervisors in order to practise in their field. Without the help of qualified volunteers, the next generation of Opticians would not have the edge that we want to provide them by offering the chance to work as Opticians right away.

Who can be a Supervisor?

Registered Opticians, RCLPs, Optometrists, and Ophthalmologists, can register with the College and help Provisional Opticians get an early start on their Optical careers.

If you are a Provisional Optician looking for a supervisor, or a Licensed professional looking to share your expertise, you can download our supervisor form, and apply today!





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What does a Supervisor do?

A Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that a Provisional Optician correctly performs the duties and responsibilities of an Optician. Provisional Opticians have successfully completed an Accredited Optical Sciences Program, which includes a practical portion where they perform duties as student opticians. Consequently, they have had varying levels of experience working under a supervisor already. Most Provisional Opticians will be competent, and looking to fine tune their skills.


Provisional Opticians have not yet passed the NACOR exam, and as a result they cannot work alone in the field. Until they can demonstrate through the exam that they are qualified for Registration, a supervisor must watch and guide them through each part of the job.


  •  If a Provisional Optician measures Seg Height, the Supervisor should either also measure, or watch carefully to confirm that they have done it correctly.
  • If a Provisional Optician is adjusting a frame, the Supervisor should double check just to be sure that it has been adjusted properly, and demonstrate how to make corrections if needed.
  • A Supervisor should be on hand to answer questions; additionally, they must be attentive enough to address any errors in the way the Provisional Optician performs their job.



A Great Opportunity

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It sounds like a lot of work; is it worth the effort?

You will be a mentor to an Optical Science enthusiast. As a matter of fact, Provisional Opticians are excited to get out into the field and start using their skills;  and with the right guidance, they can excel.

With your knowledge and experience, you have the opportunity to help someone flourish into the kind of Optician you want to work with. Here is your chance to take someone under your wing and guide them.

Along the way, you may find that supervision keeps you sharp; it may challenge you to perform tasks that you do not use often. At the same time, through teaching you can hone and perfect your own skills, and improve your practice for yourself.


We value the work that our volunteers put in, and we always try to find ways to say thank you. As a Supervisor, you will be eligible for volunteer draws, awards, and recognition.

Earn CE Credits…

If you are a Licensed Optician, you will be eligible for 2 Continuing Education credits per year. The Supervisor is responsible for completing and sending in the supervisor form for credit with the College.